Friday, 16 March 2012

Chapter 17 - Gen 14 - Devon

Play me

Hopefully this does not need words

Zac and Cherry Swan

RIP Cherry

R.I.P Zac

Chapter 18

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Chapter 16 - Gen 14 - Devon

You are probably as shocked as I am to be see another S.W.A.N chapter appear.  It has been quite a while since I came onto this blog and in doing so I was puzzled at the last chapter that I was sat looking at - knowing it wasn't the end.  I have popped in on the odd occasion over the past 6 months but never noticed it.  Looking I see chapters sat as draft and unpublished (big embarrassed face) they were written and have sat there for months and I could have sworn I had published them but obviously I hadn't - getting busy with my Ugly Wishes wishacy I have let this slip right out of my thoughts.  So here I am six months later - resurrecting the Swan's, who I might add are still sitting in a file waiting patiently for me to play with.  This file being the only one ironically to survive all the problems I have had adding ep's and sp's over the past six months.

So less of my rattling - there is reading for you to do - that's even if you want to read it and can remember where we were up to, because I sure as hell can't!!!!!  All I will say is that I am sorry and I have always said that if this file survives and is still here when my ugly wishes is done I may come back to it - so you never know Generation 15 of the Swan family may be in the very near future - but I am not promising.


It happened while I was at work, in one way I was glad I was not there to watch it.
My Dad passed away he was 153.

Everyone was there except for me and Eugene as we were both at work.

I drove home thinking about the evening I had planned - baby making.  I was in a good mood I had received a promotion and am now a pop icon one step away from being a rock star.  There was an eerie silence when I walked in and I could see everyone moping about in the living room - I knew straight away something was wrong.

So now my Dad joins my Mom and my Grandparents in the corner of the garden.

My Grandads ghost appeared and kept waking up the boys who were already having trouble sleeping after the death of my Dad.

Poppy was the only one who was unaffected by it all, she slept quite happily.

Bree upset everyone futher, they had planned to move out and into their own place and everyone expected them to delay their plans a little due to Dads death, but they were still going as planned.  This really upset Cathleen especially, having Poppy around had kept her baby wants down.

Life got slowly back to normal and I put a lot of time into improving my piano skill.  Not so far away from achieving my life time wish but not close enough either!!.

Miles had his birthday and became a young adult.

He graduated with honours and was deemed the most likely to get married.  He decided to get a job at the science fascility.

Marshal became a little sulky after Mile's birthday, he was feeling lonely, he felt like he had lost his mate, now that Miles was out and about doing adult things and going to work.

Cathleen too was also very down but I knew what her problem was.  She still wanted that baby, that had been put on hold because of Dads death.

So we started working on another baby and it wasn't long before she was happily throwing up, a sign there was a baby on the way.

 I now had three of the four musical instruments mastered, just the base left to go.

Marshal walked in on Cathleen being sick and he asked her if she was ill.

When she told him that she thought she was pregnant, he thought it was a joke. Cathleen asured him she was being deadly serious and the smile dropped off his face.  He gave Cathleen the impression that he really was not happy about getting a new brother or sister.

This upset her a little,she couldn't understand why Marshal would be unhappy about us having another baby.  I told her we would deal with it when she had had it confirmed that she was actually pregnant.

Of course she was pregnant, finally she is getting the baby she has wanted for ages, now hopefully she will give me some peace!!

My Dad's ghost was wandering about and Cathleen told him about the new baby in her excitement, forgetting he was a ghost.

Dad seemed happy about the new baby coming - now to sort out Marshal and his problem of not being happy about the new baby.

Chapter 17
There will be more very soon!!!